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ABC Shakedown is a wonderful introduction to letter recognition, letter sound, and specific objects that begin with that letter. The developers did a great job with the vowels as all the letter sounds are done with a kinesthetic element, for example the "edge" of a table can be rubbed to learn the short e sound or the child can itch to learn the short i sound. I also noticed that audio/motion effects compliment the sound the letter makes: ball - bounces, BbBb and the lion - licks, LlLl GREAT APP for home or school!

Excellent and free

For free- this app is awesome! My kids are 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 and this app is wonderful for letter sounds... The pictures make sense (some other apps have pics that don't have the true letter sound for their chosen words) and the sound is great! Thanks for a wonderful free app for homeschooling moms!!


Great job mrs florio!!!

Great App

This is a great app and I'm so glad they have come out with even more. The $2 for their new abc shakedown plus is totally worth it.

ABC Shakedown Rocks!

My girls love ABC Shakedown! Great for on-the-go moms or dads with lil kiddies in tow. Also comes in handy while waiting in checkout lines. Turns downtime into Fun Time!


Excellent app! Loved the fact that this app is really educational and fun for the kids at the same time. The illustrations are precious. My kids loved the way the page turns. The shake option to advance to the next letter is very cool...... Great while waiting in the airport!

Simple and Easy

Great App!!! How do I know?? We played several times and Jonathan stayed interested. Nice.


Awesome app! I babysit and am really glad I found this cool app to play with the young children that I watch. Parents are happy too, way better than tv and you can see played daily the kids will learn plenty.

Very useful app!

My kids are home-schooled and I am always looking for new and fun ways to try and teach them the sounds of the alphabet. Flash cards are getting really boring and plus they get lost all the time! This app will be VERY helpful for them!

Great Learning Tool!!!

My 3 year old loves this app. I just downloaded it and it is a great learning tool. The voices are great and it is simple and easy for her to use.

Great app!

Was very helpful and fun for my children to help their reading skills. Thanks i-itch inc.!!!

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